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Autumn Incursion

8th edition is hear and the first big tournament was held at Maelstrom Games this last weekend with 50 players trying to get there heads around the new game.

I used my Empire but all the bits Ive not been using for the last 8 months so Pistoleers, Hailstorm, Archers and Swordsmen but without a Steam Tank to back them up.

After 6 rounds and lots of calls of Dwellers and Purple Sun being the new broken the event was won by a 7th edition Empire army! congratulations to Will on the win.


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England win the Ashes

Back off the the ETC in Germany 32 teams competed for the last big prize of 7th edition over 6 games of hard Warhammer but befor the main event team England played team Australia for the Warhammer Ashes with England coming out the winner after 9 games (3wins, 3 losses and 3 draws each)

The 2 captins

As for the main event England finished a disappointing 16th even after being on table 1 vs Italy in round 5.

In the end the ETC 2010 was won by Denmark having  fallen just short in the last 4 years, congratulations to them.

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England win!

As a prequel to the ETC proper a 6 team event was organized with Rob from Firestorm games Cardiff to get together and practise, drink and all the usual tournament related shenanigans, so we had teams from England, Whales, both Ireland’s,Scotland and Team Sexy(or team UN)

Using my Empire and after 5 games I came away with 4 wins from 5 and 61 points out of 100 and Team England piping the UN to 1st by 18 points.

Oh dear we look a sorry bunch

Thanks again the all the lads at Firestorm and the all my opponents for a fantastic weekend in Cardiff.

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Tempest Riseing

Of we went to Stockport for Unseen Lerkers first tournament at the Marauder gaming center, seeing as it was super heavy comp even more than at Sheffield I took my O&G for a run out, Ive not used them since October in Denmark.

It was a good event could do with a little bit of polish but very good for there first go. The Baddice boys cleaned up with 3/4 of us taking home best in our race and I finished a respectable 18 from 78.

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South Coast GT

A nice weekend in the sun on the south coast with a bit of Warhammer thrown in to.

Big thanks to Dan, Russ and Wane for puting on one of the best tournaments of the year, a fist full of trophy’s helped the weekend pass by.

2nd, Best General and Beat Empire.

Not bad that.

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GW Doubles

Another birthday at GW for the doubles event with double Daemons inc special characters its just filth I tell you.

It seamed hat it was everyone birthday this weekend and allot of cider, gin and red wine was drank and a good time was had by all!

In the end me and Ben Curry ended up 3rd and Baddice where best team along with out new trainee Martin.

Baddice cleans up at the doubles

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Merseyside Meltdown

Off to Liverpool for TNG’s tournament this year there where 100 players at the Adelphi hotel. the com was very similar to the masters in January.

I finished 20th with my Empire after losing to my club mate Adam Hall in the last game after his Bloodthirster made 3 from 3 ward saves from cannons puting him 3rd.

I did come away with best Empire general (after a re-count)so all wasn’t lost.

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Sheffield Slaughter

Back up to the Davy for the Slaughter a bit of a different approach this year with lots of hard comp trying to get armies looking like army again, General, BSB and a few lev 2s. I went well and my Empire took me to 3rd place after smashing 3 Skaven armies, they still don’t like to be shot at.

1st Russ Veal  Vamps
2nd  Bobo  Lizards
3rd  Ben Johnson  Empire

1,2 and 3.

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Over a weekend in January the 2nd Baddice Masters took place with the 15 top ranked Warhammer players and last years Master fighting it out for the title of 2010 Master. A Few drinks and some Perudo later and we have a new Master Keith Wilkinson, congratulations to Keith.

1st Keith DoC
2nd chris Legg DoC
3rd bobo Doc

I was right in the middle in 8th place with my new Empire army I was happy with that, Happier than Ben C who rolled in last with filthy Dark Elves!

Happy with that.

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Year end

The first Saturday in December means its Destruction Derby time again DWS’s annual WHFB tournament, this time it was all about the fun-hammer with no comp to complain about and 3 crazy scenario’s. It was won by Adam Hall (my club mate) with Skaven that I think is the first tournament win with them.

1st Adam Hall SKV

2nd Andy Isherwood  DoC

3rd  Mark Wildman EMP

So 2009  is over and I have 17 tournament’s under my belt (not including reffing 4 and organising 1) I’m really exited for what 2010 will bring having singed up for 3 big events already.

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